Habba Habba Reporting

Habba Habba Reporting: All-in-one platform for organizational alignment. View KPIs and sales trends uniformly, from top managers to boots on the ground, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Project Overview

The Habba Habba Reporting project is a strategic initiative aimed at empowering on-the-ground employees with efficient tools to enhance their performance and productivity. At its core, Habba Habba Reporting serves as a comprehensive all-in-one reporting platform, designed to foster organizational alignment and efficiency. This user-friendly application ensures uniform access and interpretation of performance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and sales trends across all levels of the organization. From top managers to frontline staff, the app plays a pivotal role in keeping everyone on the same page, promoting transparency, and facilitating seamless communication. By implementing Habba Habba Reporting, the project seeks to not only streamline reporting processes but also to enable data-driven decision-making, enhance overall organizational coherence, and create a conducive environment for optimal performance throughout the company.
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Key Features

Platforms: Available for Android and iOS

Push Notifications: Instant updates to stay connected and informed.

Dashboards: Utilized intuitive charts to streamline and simplify data visualization

Tech Stack

React Native

SQL Server

SQL Server