Habba Habba Sales

Habba Habba Sales App streamlines sales registration for all salesmen in Egypt, instantly updating the central system. Supervisors and managers leverage real-time sales data for crucial analysis, aiding on-ground sales.

Project Overview

The project centers on the seamless integration of the Habba Habba Sales App, with the primary goal of revolutionizing the sales cycle across the group of companies. This state-of-the-art application empowers sales personnel by allowing them to input live data, granting real-time visibility into their daily sales figures and progress toward targets. A pivotal feature of the app is its capacity to facilitate instantaneous monitoring of all sales activities by supervisors. This capability ensures prompt decision-making and proactive management, contributing to an overall enhancement in sales performance on the ground. The synchronization of data with the central system is fundamental, providing immediate and comprehensive reports on sales activities nationwide. Through the implementation of the Habba Habba Sales App, the project aims to optimize sales processes, foster transparent communication between sales teams and management, and ultimately drive increased efficiency and success across the organization.

Key Features

Platforms: Available for Android

Dashboards: Intuitive charts simplifying data visualization.

Push Notifications: Instant updates to stay connected and informed.

Tech Stack

React Native